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Orlando “Guilt Free” Touring Experience for Pro Bowl Weekend

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Was able to experience a “Guilt Free Touring Experience” in Orlando for Pro-Bowl Weekend thanks to someone who has now definitely become a lifelong friend. Lucky opened my eyes to something rare in this business, genuine support that’s not masked by competitive jealousy or some fake solidarity persona. Just someone attempting to genuinely understand the times were navigating through and do what they can to help others.

So even though I was posted up on Eros, Silxa, AdultLook, AdultSearch, Skip the games, and cityxguide the only booking I got was a client that was a reference from Lucky(Yea not only did she host me she hit up her clients for me). But that’s not the importance of this message.

I want to share with other providers the wonderful time I had here in Orlando even thou I bombed and it was all due to having genuine support, I was welcomed with a Kick Back Lucky organized. When I walked in the door didn’t even have time to put my bags down!! Met other beautiful local providers at the kick back, went free-styling for the first time(didn’t catch shit) BUT I DID GET TO MEET PINKY THE PORNSTAR at this event we all went too...walked straight up to her introduced myself told her I was working ProBowl for the weekend that’s it’s been a tough weekend but getting to lay eyes on her and tell her how I appreciate her honesty about her life the industry and how she helps upcoming pornstars not have to go through what she went through in the beginning. I was shaking from excitement. Lucky opened my eyes to realness in this business, THATS FOREVER MY SISTER PERIOD!

Lucky showed me that you can be 100% you and WIN while also showing real love/support towards others. Happy to reciprocate the support by having her come out to my place during SXSW. I'm leaving Orlando feeling LOVED and FULL, not even concerned with only seeing one client this weekend... shhhiiittt I already have bookings waiting for me at home.

This business needs more genuine, honest people in it. Less people that are concerned with intentionally misguiding and ignoring others. Less people where their only concern is capitalizing off others. Less “fake it till you make it” marketing...SPOILER ALERT you don’t have to put up facade to be successful in this can actually be yourself and be felt and respected and WIN. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE

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