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The Origin of SweetThroat

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

When I think of all that I’ve built as SweetThroat, I sometimes laugh at myself of how I originated the brand.

I started SW in 2015 as a survival SW navigating escorting. In 2018 I began to explore online SW after Fosta/Sesta as a way to diversify my income. At the time my name was AshleySweets, when I finally got serious about my porn brand brainstorming I decided that due to some insecurities I didn’t want film full body scenes. So I decided to focus on a niche which also happen to be a passion of mine and that was sensual sloppy deepthroating.

Once I decided that I was gonna focus my branding on my oral abilities I needed the perfect name that not only represented me, but also stood me out from the other oralist in the porn world. Since my name was AshleySweets at the time I came up with a couple of very awkward names for example CandyMouth, ChocolateThroat. I remember being frustrated because I wanted it to be original and not sound generic and forced.

FUN FACT: I ❤️ Blaxploitation‼️

Examples of some ICONIC blaxploitation films: SuperFly, Foxy Brown, Cleopatra Jones, Dolemite, Black Caesar, Coffy, Trouble Man, and Shaft.

While watching one of my favorite adult cartoon shows Black Dynamite, a blaxploitation animated series that came on Adult Swim I actually got the idea of my porn name watching an episode called “Bullhorn Nights or Murder she Throats” where a character named BullHorn go’s undercover in the porn industry as the smooth talking rhyming “Sweet Throat” to investigate a string of murders involving black porn stars.

When I heard them call Bullhorn “Sweet Throat” it’s almost like a lightbulb went off in my brain and I said to myself…. I am SweetThroat that’s my name‼️

I thought about if I heard of anyone else in the porn industry utilizing that name I made sure to do a lot of research as well and just my luck no one had actually branded the name, so I took it upon myself to not only utilize the name but actually brand it.

Once I had finally found an original name I was ready to step into the porn world…with a brand to start building

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