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Learning how to see through the smoke and mirrors of online Escorts

I had been a FSSW for 3 years before I decided to build an online presence. In those 3 years most of the knowledge I obtained about the business I bartered from pimps (even in homelessness I had a car so I used it to barter for knowledge by giving the pimps girls rides to calls or the store). In those survival Sexwork years I don’t even remember meeting any independent sex workers really, just tried to keep to myself for the most part and keep my head above water.

So I remember how excited I was at the opportunity to be a part or feel like I’m apart of a community when I came on Twitter. Spent my first year observing and interacting so I could get the hang of how escort twitter operated and I also didn’t have a solid online business model so the observation was really me just tryin to soak up game. After observing the online community I saw a pattern in most online escorts business models, it seemed like most of the online escorts were adopting a “high end” online business model.

Being new to the online escort community it’s very easy to become glamorized by the pictures of gifts and trips, you can easily becoming romanticized at the thought of an extremely wealthy client booking you for this extravagant weekend of expensive champagne, shopping sprees and Michelin star restaurant experiences.

Because this is what you’re looking at every day it’s very easy to fall into that mindframe and want to emulate that business model.

I won’t sit up and pretend that I wasn’t one of those people when I first came on escort Twitter who wanted to be able to emulate that business model and be considered “high end” and have some the same experiences I saw these other escorts having. But it wasn’t until I did a whole high end persona rebrand and took the advice of a couple “self-proclaimed” high end black escorts and almost went broke attempting to emulate the business model that I came to realize that I didn’t want to tie myself to such a generically curated conventional and in my opinion unrealistic business model I wanted my business model to have more flexibility, more creativity that also showcased my personality.

I specifically remember after my “high end” rebrand and bombing on my first out-of-state tour which was to Tampa, I got on Twitter and posted about it. I remember receiving so much advice afterward, honestly if it wasn’t for me actually taking this advice and attempting to apply it I would’ve never figured out my real path in this game because I would’ve been too busy trying to copy a very conventional cookie-cutter business model.

I remember being advised by other black escorts as a black escort to go to specific markets that there wasn’t any diversity in to help me to stand out and not have as much competition. That’s when I took the advice of a black escort out of Las Vegas whom told me she tours Montana, Wyoming, Dakotas frequently, so much she got an apartment in Bozemen‼

I remember being very skeptical at the lack of diversity in these markets but since it was always a dream of mine to see those mountains in the NW I gave Montana try. I stayed an entire week and only made $2000 and that wasn’t after the tour deductions. After bombing in Tampa I specifically remember so many escorts scolding me for not taking deposits and basing my tour on that, but in the beginning of my traveling companion days no one knew me in these other locations so it was very difficult to base if I was going to show up or not strictly on deposits I had to get out there and make myself known.

After my second trip to the NW and barely breaking even then hit me like a ton of bricks, what if I do the opposite of what these other black escorts have told me. Instead of going to markets with little to no diversity I started scouting markets with ALOT of diversity. That’s when I went online and looked for the blackest place in America and decided to try my hand in a market that is so heavily diverse and after I made what I made in Montana in less than 24hours it seemed like it all made sense. Being a dark skinned black escort there are things I noticed that I dealt with in markets that lacked diversity that I never deal with in markets that actually have a healthy amount of diversity. Racism being the number one element that can really stunt my income potential, but when I started focusing on markets that were heavily diverse it finally seemed like I put myself in positions to combat the element so it can no longer affect my money making abilities within my business model. Because naturally if I’m going to locations that have little to no diversity that heavily affects my money making potential…thats just how racism was designed to work.

When I think back to the advice those black escorts gave me it upsets me that I couldn’t see it then but they were essentially giving me advice on how to build a business model on just being fetishized by non-black men.

Unfortunately a business model built on fetishization doesn’t actually pay as well as a lot of black escorts think it does nor was it a healthy business model to adopt for me mentally as a black woman. And that was the beginning of me actually tapping into the business model I’ve adopted now, which is heavily personality based and I combined it with my porn brand to STAND OUT even more( was advised by escorts to not blend my porn and escort brand together to separate it) and it worked like a charm.

Porn helped me to become easily verifiable and consistency is what helped me get established in all my markets today, it’s why I barely have issues with deposits or bookings now but I’ve put in the work and built trust online and off

Things are very different now than they were when I bombed in Tampa, I couldn’t be happier too🥰

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