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Late Night Thoughts

Humans are creatures of pattern, I wish I would’ve realized this sooner. Sure would’ve saved me a whole lot of headaches. I went through most my 20’s not holding people to that standard and dealt with a bunch of unnecessary unhealthy people in the process. Now as I’m coming into my 30’s I realize consistency is one of my upmost top values when it comes friends, companions, even clients. Consistency is what separates people of value in my opinion.

Through consistency one can build trust and respect for the other.

Consistency is my ONLY demand from my clients because without it I lose. I remember at a point here in Austin it felt like a good portion of my established clientele weren’t being consistent or considerate with me at all. Booking appointments then last minute cancellations or NCNS’s without any type of communication.

I can tell a lot about a person through their consistency or inconsistency. Finally reached a level of intellectual maturity that allows me to decipher through that kind of mess. To not allow myself to get wrapped up in people’s words. It was always as simple as believing what people shown me through their actions/words aligning or lack of. Happy to have finally arrived.

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