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Hotels are becoming unsafe for Escorts traveling alone, heres why!!

Welcome to 2019, where nice hotels have taken up arms in an effort to stop trafficking, but once again have fallen for the propaganda that all sex workers are trafficked. We aren’t.

Trafficking implies non consent, force, and potentially kidnapping.

Consensual and/or Independent sex work just implies that people spend intimate private time together to pay bills, but since SESTA/FOSTA the two have come to mean the same thing, and it’s a security risk for everyone involved.

But I’m talking about M*rriott in particular, , a former fave of mine, which is actually a great big number of branded hotels… that trafficked women couldn’t afford, nor would they be traveling alone if they were trafficked.

Yet, hotel staff are being trained to spot escorts and going through the luggage of women when they’re not in their rooms, not allowing single women to check in unaccompanied, and I believe just like Nello, not letting single women hang out in the hotel bar.

Just need potential future clients to understand how dangerous is for me to be staying any of these hotels listed below.

Not sure when this ideology was adopted but many clients and providers believed that if an escort stayed at a cheaper motel than it meant you more a “high risk” escort and not safe to see but in reality cheaper motels are waaay safer for escorts to work out of than the Westin or “higher end” hotels.

Soo just FYI you won’t be seeing me at any of the places listed below:

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