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Austin Regs becoming “Unreliable” is why I’m a traveling companion now.

At one point in my career I was content being a home based provider, only traveling in state. Id generated a loyal base of regular clientele and only seemed to be increasing with each day. I’ve always been a provider that gave more and went out of my way to host and please. Making my client comfortable and relaxed is my number one goal. After almost 3 years of building relationships and connections I’ve come to an awkward place with my clients and career. After Fosta/Sesta Laws hit it seemed like all my regular clients just started coming around less and becoming waaay more inconsistent. Don’t get me wrong there definitely was inconsistency/time wasters before the laws passed but the business was different back them, money flowed differently. Now bookings are more vital then they’ve ever been people I’ve formed 3 year long connections with are NCNS, barely ever tipping, and contacting me with no consideration for my life or time, making feel extremely unappreciated.

Ive always prided myself on being a consistent provider. Always communicated with my clients openly and honestly. Tried to have an understanding for my clients schedules and various lifestyles, but I don’t get the same consideration in return. Established Clients contact me with no awareness for me or my life literally expecting me to drop everything no matter where I am or what time it is and be available to them. ITS NOT FAIR. I’ve experienced waaaay too much of it to be the provider that I am. After bookings became completely unstable and unreliable at home I decided to becoming a touring provider and make an honest attempt st building my clientele back up elsewhere. First 2 Tours in Florida were a bust and honestly worse than client climate in Austin, but my upcoming tours out northwest I’m Montana and South Dakota seem extremely promising. Tons of respectable inquires and people that actually follow simple instructions and utilize my online booking that only ask 4 basic questions not anything intrusive. The client climate out NW is completely a GOOD 360 difference compared to Austin, Texas or literally anywhere in the south. I want to feel appreciated by my clients again and if I have to battle the blistering cold to find quality clients I have no problem doing that. MONTANA HERE I COME!

PS: Austin Clients....IF YOUR NOT SERIOUS ABOUT BOOKING DO NOT CONTACT ME PLAYING ON MY PHONE LIKE A CHILD.....I only cater to serious potential clients. I will be able to identify you immediately and cut all communication. I value my time even if you dont.

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