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How AshleySweets became Estelle Angelique

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

When I made my second return into the business I remember not putting much thought into my name at all. It was a simple ode to my best friend and personality. AshleySweets is really how I branded myself in the beginning, definitely unique yet simple. AshleySweets was my growth period Pre Fosta/Sesta Days so I had a lot fun traveled Texas a lot touring all over the state, during that three years I truly elevated as a provider in Austin, Texas. Building and managing my rappore, developing a vision and achieving some small goals as Texas provider. I was definitely progressing I finally reached the goal of obtaining a separate incall apart from my home which I use as an incall...that was a major goal for me as provider.

Then Fosta/Sesta happened changed EVERYTHING. With the fall of Backpage and other reliable advertising platforms came the beginning of what I call the “Dark Days” 😩. Really changed business for a lot of consensual Sex Workers such as myself. Visibility has becoming so much harder now and even with having a developed and well known brand in Austin, Texas I began to struggle with booking new clients. Thankfully I have regulars.. whom are actually beginning to become not as reliable as they use to be. So I decided to do a rebrand due to being banned on Eros under the name AshleySweets, and that’s when Estelle Angelique was birthed.

Estelle Angelique came to existence as my national traveling escort brand. Currently have plans to make my way to Montana, South Dakota soon. Still the same sweetness just with a new name😘

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